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"In my transition from being a lean track athlete at LSU to gaining muscle mass and becoming stronger and quicker for football in light this upcoming spring where I will be training for the NFL combine and Pro Day at LSU I thought in this transition who is someone that can cover all aspects of my transition and be able to communicate with me and design something that will fit my needs. A couple people came to mind and I gravitated to DeeboFitness. Since starting to train with DeeboFitness I see that his expertise has been paying off. We started with a 6 week 2 a day gym cycle that paid real dividend. I've seen increases in strength and explosion. I've just started another cycle where agility and flexibility is incorporated and I am in week 3 of this cycle. I can't wait to see where I am 3/4 weeks from now."

Cyril Grayson 4-Time LSU 4x400 Relay NCAA National Champion

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“Thanks Deebo for your expertise in the area of strength and conditioning. Your vigorous workout plans has afforded my daughter the opportunity become bigger stronger and faster. In return along with her hard work and dedication she made her high school basketball team. None of this would have been possible without you having faith in her, pushing her and not letting her quit. Again thanks and I encourage anyone who long for that something extra to reach out and give the movement a try. You won't be disappointed, real results.”

Antoinette Wheatley


“I just spent the last 3 months working with Deebo through his online App in my phone. I gave him my goals, he set up the program and I followed it on my workout days.
In 3 months I went from 217.9 lbs to 207.6 lbs, my strength has increased and it got to the point that I was setting new personal bests every time I went to the gym. I've had to cut my blood pressure medication in half because it was getting too low. My resting heart rate has gone from the low 90's BPM to the low 80's BPM. My health has improved dramatically.
Deebo set up the program and reached out with daily accountability.
I did what was being asked and what I asked for.
Thank you sir! Let's do another 3 months.”

Billy Myles


“We started a year ago. I was amazed and over pleased with the PROFESSIONAL approach Deebo has. 5:30AM 2-3 times a week is not easy, but he was dedicated to my health plan and so was I. Within a year I have been amazed at my results. I feel better, I no longer take medication, and of course I LOVE my new look. Thank you for pushing me and working me thru the rough mornings.”

Dana Goodman


“Ive been working with him for 3 months or so. Massive results. Very dependable, knowledgeable and professional. Never overworks you but always encourages to challenge myself. Top notch training all the way.”

Bichar Myrtle


“Working out hours away from your trainer through an app and updated pictures seemed impossible to do. But it works, it really does. He's very knowledgeable in what he does and gives tips to push you through to the next phase. Based off of what you want to accomplish, he'll get you there. Even if you don't have a gym membership he'll tailor workouts using the equipment you already have. Instead of using a stair master machine, I use the stairs in my home. He also rearranges the foods you like to eat so it'll be more beneficial to the outcome. I'm very pleased with the workouts and the outcome so far bc I can see and feel a difference in my health. He won't let you down....give Deebo Fitness a try..”

Brittney Dwyer


“Working out with Deebo has helped me lose close to 50 pounds since January. I highly recommend him!”

Josh Hrachavino


“He is awesome!!
He makes you feel comfortable while working out and you actually see results. He is also good at thoroughly explaining each workout and what the benefits are. ( not just making you do random stuff, everything has a purpose)
I am excited for the journey ahead.
Thank you for helping me get back to the gym!!!! :D #beastmodeactivated”

Eiman Siddik


“I am amazed at the progress and results Deebo has pushed me to reach in less than a month!!! I feel so much better physically, mentally and in every way IMAGINABLE! It isn't easy at all but that is exactly why I have come to Deebo for the motivation, plan, resources and expertise I NEED to accomplish the goal to FINALLY go from Sedentary to Athletic. Now, it is no longer JUST a wish or dream... It's REALITY!”

Tiffany Newton


“I absolutely love my trainer, he's patient with me, he addresses my goals, and educates me with every single workout. The progress that I have made is amazing! He's worth it!!! ”

Que Stewart


“My favorite guy! He's super efficient, fun and creative with our workout! It's been a long process, but I feel the results!”

Nandi Edouard

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