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Top 5 EASY Ways To Bounce Back From Lower Body Injuries

• See A Doctor: We do way too much doctoring and diagnosing ourselves these days. See a Doc immediately and be able to pin point what exactly is wrong.

• Heal Up! When we return to activity too soon it can lead to our body sitting us right back down because it was not ready. Sit down and heal.

• Rehab: once healing is done, you’ll have possibly became weaker, loss endurance, range of motion and other things. A rehabilitation plan to follow will help regain all of that slowly.

• Eat Healthy: A healthy diet will help the body produce the essential things it needs to heal faster and regain muscle or strengthen structurally

• GET LIGHTER: This is often opposite to what you see when someone gets injured. They usually gain weight, become less active, and unmotivated. When a lower body injury heals and you begin rehab, it’s going back to work! Nothing would make that healed body part happier than returning to a lighter workload. By becoming lighter then you were at the time of injury, you will help yourself bounce back feeling way stronger and better than ever!

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