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Owning Your Fitness Resolution By Knowing YOU!

 Don't allow this next year to be another year of not reaching your optimal fitness! Here is a tip I use myself to truly owning my New Year's resolutions and becoming a new person:


BE HONEST WITH YOU! - We all are honest with our strengths, we often wear our strengths proudly like designer clothing. Our weakness are what we hide and often times avoid. Spotlighting our weakness is a requirement in improvement, especially when it comes to improving our fitness. If you know that sweets are a problem and it is tough to pass by the sweet shop, then you MUST find a new route that does not take you that way. Thats knowing your weaknesses and not putting yourself in a situation wear you have to battle it. Another example of this is knowing that if you go home after work, you will not leave out again and go to the gym. A better option is taking gym clothes with you to work. Be honest with yourself and put yourself in a position to win!

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