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Somewhere along the way “our journey” becomes too good for “the journey”

The place we all call home, became unimportant.

And the materials of our shelter became more important.

Our pursuit of possessions on this earth made us forget that we are of this earth.

We’ve convinced ourselves that we have to find our place on this earth.

When our purpose is so far less significant.

We’ve grown too important in our own story to realize the simplest exchange of air between man and earth is all we’ve been asked to do along its journey.

To be is to breathe and to breathe is to be.

Living and Loving is not enough… as death become our biggest fear.

Imagine earth, growing us to exchange air with yet we made it toxic.

Imagine earth, growing us to irrigate its land yet we destroy entire mountains for the sake of bigger and better possessions.

Imagine earth, giving us food from that very same soil, yet we manufacture and enhance what is natural, as natural is not enough.

We have somehow convinced ourselves that living, loving and dying is not enough.

Now the inventions that we termed innovative are merely toxic distractions from our simplest of tasks.

We are here to live! Exchange the air we breathe!

We are here to love! Spread our seed!

We are here to die! Return to this earth!

We are of this earth, made to take care of it!

We are not here to pollute or be toxic parasites!

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