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6 Easy Steps to Mastering Your Money using Door Dash | Follow These Steps and Become an Elite Dasher

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Real Facts about making money on Door Dash!

Step 1. Dedicate a specific time to DASHING. Undistracted and Focused. Dashing isn’t as easy as it seems. Traffic stress, Merchants slow or customers feeling entitled and not helpful can add a ton of unnecessary stress. You also have to get accustomed to sitting in the car for that long, it takes some getting used to.

Step 2. Stress less by learning the best routes, best merchants, best ORDERS to deliver and how to communicate with customers clearly and early to make your dash time a lot more pleasant.

Step 3. Starting off you’ll have the worst orders. You can expect to make a minimum of $2.50 per order when you first start dashing. Doesn’t sound like much at all(right?); that’s because it isn’t, but you are making more than you would be if you were just sitting at home or driving somewhere to go spend money. The average car costs you about .20 -.60 cents per mile so as long as you accept orders that show you are making more than that per mile, then accept those orders and get orders under your "dasher" belt. The more orders you deliver as a beginner the better. Door dash rewards you for gettin deliveries done, keeping your completion rate high and keeping your customer rating high so focus on that early on. The acceptance rate doesn’t truly matter but please know you’ll waste a lot of time declining "ok" orders trying to only accept GREAT orders becuase some YouTuber told you never accept this and that type of order. Reminder: new dashers don’t get the best orders so you’ll have to be a little accepting of some orders that are not the best but remember you’re making more than you would be just sitting on your a$$ at home and the orders do get better once door dash sees you completing deliveries.

Step 4. Learn to read the app. Memorize your zone, learn to quickly calculate the amount you are making per mile and don’t forget to pay attention to the estimated delivery time. The order may say $4.50 for a 1.9 mile delivery(which sounds good at first) but it is sending you through the highest traffic time of the day or construction has roads closed, so this will add time to the delivery making it a 40-45 minute delivery and you lose money when you’re sitting in traffic. OR THE WORST CAN HAPPEN, you weren’t paying attention when accepting an order and the order took you way out of your zone so you lose time trying to get back to your zone. Learn to be an app reading expert.

Step 5. Set your laws that you won’t waver on.

Today I’m accepting orders that are $7 or more only and if it’s under $7 it has to be at least $2 per mile and very short trips.

Today I’m avoiding busy food chains because the wait time is always too long.

Today I’m driving for a minimum or 4 hours.

Today I’m completing 10 orders no matter how long it takes.

These type of laws make dashing a mindful act and can even make it fun or competitive with a little self-motivation. When I introduced this to my dashes I saw my dash income gradually start increase and made the dashes much more pleasant and not boring.

Step 6. Lastly, be patient becuase the money will come and it adds up over time. You’re making deposits into your account small or large making deposits is a +(plus), I used to get super frustrated in the beginning because my expectations were to possibly be able to pay a bill each time I set out to dash. Lol Thats simply not realistic at all. When I started to focus on simply being a better undistracted dasher, completing dashes as smooth as possible from good merchants and communicating with customers clearly. Before I knew it I was completing 10 or more dashes a day without being tired of dashing and consistently being on pace to bring in $900 or more a month. Many of the YouTube videos you watch or articles you read about dashing are from people that simple want a view or a like so they will say what’s attractive to most people preying on your desire to bring in more money. Don’t let them mislead you. Door Dash is a trade off of time and energy for money. It’s not as easy as people make it seem but if you manage your time properly and find ways to energize yourself or motivate/challenge yourself each dash, then you will see how it can be far more lucrative then sitting on the couch complaining about not having money.

Key Perspective moment: $10 a day is $300 a month, $20 a day is $600 a month, $40 a day is $1200 a month. Focus on making those positive deposits into your account and you’ll see that over time you’re paying a bill or two or even your rent with door dash money.

Thank for reading and I hope this articles helps you before you making many of the mistakes I made but even if it hasn't, no big deal, Im glad you made the mistake and can now become more efficient and start to increase your income just a little bit more each day. Stay positive and Never Give Up on You, Master Yourself

Carwin Richard Jr

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