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Top things every athlete should be held accountable for daily...that you should apply to your everyd

In a conversation within my Mastermind(my closest friends), a question was put on the table. What are some things an athlete should be held accountable for everyday? Among all the things mentioned, the 3 common denominator trended toward their BODY, their MIND, and their daily OBLIGATIONS/TASKS. Below I'll explain a bit in detail:

BODY - An athlete's body is their most important tool used to get the job done so the body must be taken care of in every way possible. From the food/fuel entering it, to the workouts and rehab treatment that can be considered maintenance. Being held accountable for its upkeep is a priority for performing at a high level. Peak performance is for a long period of time is where greatness is manifested. KEEP THE BODY RIGHT AND READY!

MIND - The mind of an athlete should be clear of distractions and always focused on developing or becoming more efficient at carrying a workload and competing. I wouldn't call this the most important tool but the most important asset of an athlete. A superior athlete is NEVER distracted more than they are focused. I have studied great athlete's like Micheal Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Jerry Rice, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter and many others who were talked about by teammates or peers as having a trance-like focus or some would call an insane ability to focus even in distractions. Performing at a high-level for a long time is a result of the mental toughness and focus. STAY LOCKED IN!

OBLIGATIONS/TASKS - In everyone's life there are obligations or tasks that need to be completed daily. Many of them lead up to a bigger event, like homework is preparation for a test, rehearsal is preparation for a recital or performance, in sports, practice is preparation for a game. Planning the day's obligations or tasks in an organized and effective manner to complete them is critical to an athlete. The intensity at which this is done can determine the success in important situations or what athletes call clutch moments. Completing your daily obligations/tasks is important to an athlete's overall success in the long run. GET IT DONE!

These are the top things every athlete should be held accountable for daily. Share this blog with an athlete, friend or family member and help someone get the most out of themselves using these pointers.

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