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30 Thousand Suns

33 years traveling through space on this rock, and just recently, I experienced my first true gaze into a sunset. Many emotions came to sit by my side and within my soul as I watched the sun gracefully descend. It seemed as if the powerful and mighty star that is the sun was politely attempting to dim itself and step aside to show respect to its most consistent slow dancing partner, which is the vast sky that surrounds it. An almost indescribable display of cool blues, purple hazes, vibrant orange, peaceful pink, and tranquil white clouds began to share the sky in a motion picture that is perfectly set for the most patient audience.

I could not believe that at age 33, this was the first time I stopped to be still enough to feast my eyes on this absolutely majestic art show, free of charge. Gratitude filled my heart, love expanded in my soul, and stress and anxiety were flushed from my body. My consciousness became clear and free of thought. In those moments of gazing into the sunset, who I am was all that mattered, where I stood was where I should have been, and where I've been or where I go did not matter.

I used to think that watching travel shows and seeing pictures in books or magazines were enough. There was even a time when I told myself that traveling was not for me, but I now know for certain that it is so far from the truth. I was born with a deep love for nature, born an explorer on an ongoing quest through an adventurous life. So I shall re-embark on this quest, guided by love and reminded daily by the sun and moon's smooth transition.

The average person witnesses less than 30,000 sunrises and sunsets. I've missed the first 12,000 of mine, but a promise has been made. Any chance I get to witness the majestic golden hours, I will take a moment to be still, gather my family, and bear witness to the glorious slow dance in the sky.

[Tag me in your pictures or videos of a sunrise or sunset or just share some of your energy and think of those you love in those moments] #sunset #sunrise #sunsetlovers #sunsetvibes

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