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3 Tips on How To Write a Captivating Blog

I'm an avid Blog reader and Vlog watcher with years of experience, so this blog is to take a moment to trade places with the writers/producers to give a bit of insight from "the other side". Recently Blogs have lost their originality as there are now more writers/ producers than ever. I'm setting out to save the bloggers from becoming just another post in the sea of posts. If this blog saves just one person and inspires originality or sparks creativity then the job is done. Be sure to comment below if this blog helps you.

  • GO FOR WHAT YOU KNOW Speaking on things you are knowledgeable on or that you have a real interest in will not only make blogging more fun, but is also very noticeable by the reader. The same way one can mostly tell when someone is lying to their face, a reader can pick up on a blogger writing in circles or simply trying to fill space to put out content. Do your best to not just pick relevant topics but pick most relevant topics that you have knowledge on or a true interest in.

  • CREATIVE WORDS + ORGANIZED FORMAT Having a way with words is one of top the reasons someone might get into blogging but words alone are not enough to keep your reader reading and coming back to your page for more. Use Pictures, Videos, GIFs, Graphs, Tables and more to help bring more to you blog. A funny meme or even a graph or chart to support your topic is a great tool to add to blogs for your reader to reference. If you are sharing a blog about a trip then share a picture. If you are sharing a blog about statistic then share a graph to show differences or similarities in your stats.

  • BE THE BIG SPEAKER AND BIGGER LISTENER The very best blogs that I have read had me itching to leave a comment, answer a question that was asked in the blog or even leave my opinion if I disagreed with something in the article. The moment a reader is compelled to leave a comment, the blogger should be compelled to listen, because at that moment a conversation is given birth. Any exchange of opinions, ideas or even news is what makes the best conversation. Through conversation that is sparked by your blog, you become a better blogger.

In conclusion, by going for what you know, being creative with your words formatting your blog, and being just as good of a listener as you are a speaker, you can captivate your audience. In my opinion, reader engagement is about holding their interest and attention long enough to get to know them and once you get to know them, the best bloggers are more than pleased to meet them. With that being said...

"Hello, I am Pleased to meet you!"

This is my first blog of many! I will be sharing blogs on my page about Health, Sports, Credit Repair, Personal Finance, Gaming and More. If you would like to stay current with my upcoming blogs be sure to like, comment, share and become a member on my website. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below.

Written by: Carwin Richard Jr.

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