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10 Helpful DoorDash Tips I wish I knew before being 200 Dashes in | Read This Before Your First Dash

DoorDash 10 Tips after 200 Dashes!

1. Start with low expectations and accept ALL of your first 25 orders.

2. Learn from those 25 orders, learn your area, roads, top restaurants and learn how to be a better dasher.

3. Once you’ve learned, start to set rules for yourself like; No orders under $6.50, No orders that take me outside my zone, No orders under $1 per mile, No waiting for orders more than 5 minutes.

4. Avoid high traffic roads/streets/highways

5. Encourage customers to communicate clearly at drop offs(especially for apartment buildings!)

6. Be sure to close all other apps when using door dash app, if your phone is using data in any other place, you can potentially miss an order(potentially a huge order).

7. Don’t chase hot zones, stay close to hot restaurants that your are familiar with

8. If you see other dashers waiting around, ask for your order and if it is not ready, just I assign because that’s a sign that restaurant is backed up.

9. Set your own personal goals. 5 orders per dash, 10 orders a day but make sure they are small attainable goals. It makes dashing much more enjoyable.

10. Remember why you started dashing, the goal is to make nothing out of something. Every dollar is MORE than you would be making sitting at home watching Netflix. Focus on completing one order at a time and before you know it, you’ll be pulling in $100 days, $500 weeks, and $2000 months, but it all starts one order at a time. In closing, the biggest mistake I made is not committing 100% to maximizing on incentives and promos. Every new dasher is given an incentive to do more dashes with guaranteed earning incentives. It is wise to take full advantage of that. Google "DoorDash Guaranteed Earning Incentives" to learn more.

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